General Rental Conditions

Rental General Conditions of Bike Green Group Srls


Hiring rules

  1. 1. Customers willing to hiring a bike need to show a valid ID. Bike has to be back-handed according to the appointed timetable and at the same place where it has been delivered. Early return of the bicycle(s) terminates the rental agreement and does not imply any rights on a discount on the contractual or extended Hire Period Rent
    2. By hiring a bike customer undertakes all the rules maintained in this regulation, fares and timetable. When renting Bikes, Guests are expected to navigate into selected routes and be able to perform small bicycle repairs like inflate tires, changing a tube or repairing a puncture, keeping bikes clean and lubricated to guarantee bike’s good functioning and safety. If unsure of what to do Guests are advised to seek advice and local professional support at their own expense
    3. At delivery, service provider together with the customer will check on the bike’s working status.  It is Guest’s responsibility to return our bikes & gear in the same conditions as upon Bike Tour / Rental start. Customer is asked for using the bike preventing it and its accessories from damages. Customer must lock the bike through the provided security lock any time he leaves it unattended.
    4. Customer is prevented from handing bikes to third parties and he is held responsible of it throughout the whole hiring period.
    5. Customer must compensate damages occurred to the bike while it is under his custody. Alternatively, customer himself might provide for repairing. Unauthorised modifications or alterations to the bike are not allowed and not refundable
    6. In the eventuality of loss of the bike’s keys or accessories, the cost for repurchasing/ remaking it will be at the expense of the customer.
    7. Any time service provider might verify whether bike is properly used and ask it back if it is not.
    8. In case Service Provider uncovers an abandoned bike, or where it is not back-handed by the due time, he will recover it even if locked.  Hiring starts when bike is collected and ends when the bike is given back.
    9. Customer is liable for injuries and damages he causes while using the bike. Service provider cannot be held liable and there is not insurance policy for any kind of damages or injuries. Customer must respect all rules and regulation concerning circulation.
    10. In case of theft, customer will deliver copy of the statement given to competent authorities and give € 500,00 deposit that will be paid back if the bike is eventually found.
    11. Not handing the bike back by the due time will be considered as theft, accordingly a complaint will be filed with the police.
    12. Service provider will not deliver a bike to customers under the influence of alcohol or drugs (artt. 186-187 CdS) or any time, at his own discretion, he will consider hiring to be inappropriate.

Mechanical Assistance during the rental period has to be paid



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