Who we are

Bike Green was born in 1990 from a passion for cycling by a group of serious professionals and soon became a point of ..

Our Mission

    Our Mission is the bicycle, it is the world that is revealed through the passion for two wheels and we conceive it in a harmonious whole with nature and healthy life, we feel it in the soul and we feel the obligation to pass on this discipline.

    It is our care to select the best products and suggest them with careful attention to our customers, we offer them all our experience that comes not only from the world of competitions but from many years of activity and a passion that never ceases!

    We are Bike Green because Green is our world, our beloved land of Sardinia, pure wild and beautiful pristine, able to transform you inside and make you appreciate life in its essential form.

    Our Mission is to allow our happy visitors to the island not only to buy and rent bicycles and accessories at our well-stocked sales points, but to organize the Tours for you and accompany you through the spectacular scenery of this wonderful island, a real Tour of Sardinia in stages emulating the great classics in a real Sardinia Tour!

The Bike Green Team

The Bike Green Team was created to bring together all the cyclists from south-east Sardinia. It offers the opportunity to participate in training, competitions, sporting events and bike trips, activities open to everyone, men and women of any age.

Bike Green is not only your trusted retailer but also the sporting reference among the most famous of Sardinia. The Bike Green Team also carries out educational activities designed for the little ones at its school in Muravera with lessons dedicated to learning the techniques and the correct use of the bicycle, respecting the road rules. Our technicians are also available for adults who want to deepen and improve their driving techniques or simply to learn how to make the most of their bike.



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